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Redfox are an IT company specialising in the design and implementation of infrastructure solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We aim to ensure your IT function contributes an even greater level of efficiency and profitability to your organisation by centralising systems and programs.

Our consultants are based in Essex and the West Midlands enabling us to look after clients up and down the country.

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Need some support, but just not sure what kind, or have you got a clear idea of the kind of support you require?
Either way Redfox can assist, we offer a multitude of different support options to cater for any environment. Here is a selection of some of the support services we provide:

Real-time Monitoring

Production Checks

Quarterly restores

Reviewing server log files

Checking disk utilisation

Review Microsoft updates and check compatibility

Apply Microsoft service packs and updates

Please note, this is just a small number of the support services that we offer, if you need further information please click below.

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